Sabres Apparel

Sabres Custom Apparel

Get your Sabres swag on for the 2018-19 season!

As stores open and more gear is available, we'll post it here.

Size charts are available below.

Sabres Online Spirit Store

Sabres Online Spirit Store will be open twice this year.  Items will include sweats, tees, hats, bags, shorts, bags, and hats from popular brands like Under Armour, Nike, Pennant and more.  Link will be posted on the Sabres Apparel page once  the store is open.

Sabres Online Store Now Open! View the online store here

Online Spirit Store Dates

9/17 - 9/24 - Store closes at midnight on 9/24.

11/9 - 11/18 - Store closes at midnight on 11/18.

All items will be shipped directly to you.

Team Store Open till September 30th

TEAM STORE includes Bauer warm ups, practice jerseys and Warrior bags. Get ‘em while you can. 

Note: Bauer has changed their sizing. Consider trying on a sample in pro-shop in the Laurel Ice Gardens rink.  

These are custom orders and cannot be returned or exchanged. 

Sabres Uniforms

Sept. 16th - Sabres Uniform Orders Due to Cathy Keelan

• If you ordered during registration, no additional action is needed.    

If you need to place a new order please email Cathy Keelan by Sunday 9/16   

• Orders received after 9/16 will be placed in October and will arrive mid-November.  

Shell Sizing

It's best to try on the samples at Mike's store to be sure you order the right size. Please call (301-885-1881) to ensure the shop is open before you go.

For general guidance:

Pant Size Shell Size

Youth:  Youth XS - S

Junior:  Youth M, L or Adult S

Senior:  Adult M and up

Jersey Sizing Chart

Jersey Sizing Chart