2020 Score for St. Jude

The SOMD Sabres will be participating in the 2020 Score for St. Jude fundraising!

This is similar to October Saves, except it will count goals scored and involves the entire team! Players can either get flat donations or pledges for each goal that their team scores. If someone pledges $1/goal and the team scores 48 goals over the month of January, that person would he charged $48. The number of goals is not player specific, so everyone can be involved even if they are not scoring goals individually. Team Mangers, please make sure to get this out to all of your parents for maximum participation! Also, it will be your responsibility to reach out to me with how many goals we scored per game.

Please click the link below, find your team, scroll down on that page to a green box that says "become a fundraiser", click on that to create a personal page for your player. Please make sure when creating the page to use your players name but your email.


8U A is Mite 8U Lower Patrick

8U B  and all Cross Ice are Mite 8U Wales

Should you have any further questions, and for goal results after every game, please reach out to me at vicepresident@somdsabres.org

Thank you in advance for your participation!

Sarah Cox

Vice President 

Southern Maryland Sabres Hockey Club