Sabres Youth Travel Hockey

The goal of the Sabres Youth Hockey Program is to promote the development and competitiveness of hockey players by providing the most possible ice touches and highest quality of instruction available. The Sabres will field teams for all age groups depending on the number of players and skill levels available. A determination will be made after player evaluations (tryouts). It is very important that the player and parent understand and accept the time commitment of the travel program, and that they are expected to make the travel team a priority. Parents and players should be prepared to accept this level of commitment.


This program is for players who were born between January 1, 2005 and December 31, 2014. For more information on 8U "Mite" hockey, please click on the Programs tab above and go to Sabres 6U/8U Hockey.


10U: 2013 - 2014

12U: 2011 - 2012

14U: 2009 - 2010

16U: 2007 - 2008

18U: 2005 - 2006


Tryouts are held in April. Practices begin in August. The season runs until the end of February, with playoffs typically ending in mid-March. Games typically start in late August or early September and the league season ends with the playoffs in late February/early March.

Specialized Training

Goalies: Goalies will receive weekly instruction during practice from Wolfe Hockey instructors.

Training Room: Sabres will have access to our off-ice training room, during scheduled off-ice sessions with their team.

Off-Ice Study: Gold and Black travel teams will have off-ice classroom sessions with coaches for film study/review, systems study, etc.


Practices will vary depending on age group.

10U, 12, and 14U will practice 3 times per week, with one of those practices being a Skills session focused on skating and skill development with Sabres Skills instructors.

16U will practice 2 times per week.

18U will practice 1 time per week.

Lady Sabres will practice 1 time per week. Please see the Girls Sabres Hockey section under the Programs tab, for more information on the Lady Sabres.


Gold and Black teams will play approximately 16 CBHL league games, and 16 AHF league games.

AHF games are in a Showcase weekend format (two totaling 8 games), plus for all teams 8 head-to-head games with selected opponents - for a total of 16 AHF games. Families should expect overnight travel for showcase events and possibly the head-to-head games.

The typical Sabres season will consist of a total of between 40 - 45 games for the season.

Additional Costs

Additional Costs include jerseys, tournament fees and miscellaneous costs based on schedule. Teams will make every attempt to fundraise for these additional team costs.


Sabres Gold and Black teams will play in the Chesapeake Bay Hockey League (CBHL), AS WELL AS THE ATLANTIC HOCKEY FEDERATION (AHF).  If there are not enough participants to field both a Gold and Black team in any age bracket, those participants who are not selected for the Gold team will be placed on the Red team AS LONG AS THERE ARE ENOUGH PLAYERS TO FORM A RED TEAM FOR THAT AGE GROUP.  


the lady sabres will play in the cbhl. lady sabres teams will depend on numbers at registration, but our hope is to have 10U and 12U lady sabres teams.  if necessary, there will be a combined 10U/12u lady sabres team.

Gold and Black teams will play approximately 16 CBHL league games, and 16 AHF games, as well as non-league games (as scheduling allows). 

sabres Registration fees include the cost for cbhl and ahf participation for gold and black teams, as well as cchl participation for the red teams, and cbhl participation for the lady sabres.

Practices will vary depending on age group.  10U, 12U, and 14U will practice 3 times per week, with one of those practices being a skills development focus with the Sabres Skills Instructors. 16U will practice 2 times per week. 18U will practice 1 time per week. lady sabres will practice 1 time per week.

all teams may also opt to participate in tournaments at the team’s discretion. Tournament fees are NOT included in registration fees. Players will be responsible to pay the additional cost to cover any tournament fees. Teams may fund-raise to defer some or all of the costs associated with tournaments.  tournaments and fundraisers must be approved by the sabres board of directors.

A 2023-2024 USA Hockey number will be required.  STARTING APRIL 1ST, 2023, You can obtain one at:

Questions regarding the Sabres Youth Hockey program can be directed to the sabres Hockey Director, scott kelly: 

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