Lady Sabres Uniform Store!

The SOMD Lady Sabres will be partnering with Breakaway Sports, cutting-edge hockey uniforms and apparel again! 

The uniform shop will offer jerseys, shells, socks, practice jerseys, warm-up gear, an equipment bag, a tee and a pair of shorts. 

The best part, you can order your player's uniform from the uniform shop and everything will be shipped to your house!! You can purchase your items here 

A few things to note:

- You will need to use the access code provided in the image (LADYSOMD2024) to enter the site. 

- If you do not need new jerseys, please do not feel obligated to buy them.

- Unlike past seasons, the Sabres will not be providing socks. If you need socks, you will have to purchase them from the uniform site. The new socks are also a different material and style.

- If you purchase a black practice jersey, the logo on front and number on back will be white. Not black like the website shows. They just cannot use two different logos on the same item when viewing on the site.  

Should you have any questions, please feel free to email